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About François Barthomeuf...

I place my practice under the seal of the Black Moon,

my Lilith which guides me through the meanders of the Birth Charts and which has always allowed me to find the red thread, for all of us. FB

I am a French astrologer with an international practice. 

I have been practicing traditional and humanistic Astrology for more than 20 years. I am also a pioneer of Evolutionary Astrology, which I am convinced is the Astrology of tomorrow.

Virgo Ascendant Pisces, I find in the practice of Astrology a subtle balance between intuition and rationality. As you will see, I often use images and metaphors to describe the physical reality we live.

Passionate about your evolution

  • Re-discover your true potential
  • Find your vocation and your privileged ways of development
  • Evolve the difficult positions of your Birth Theme through Evolutionary Astrology. (Speciality)
  • Anticipate future trends in order to make the right decisions, whether in your private or professional life.

I work for individuals, companies, investors, etc.

I also teach astrology through a full online training (in french):

Birth Chart of a native Capricorn ascendant Virgo, 

Lunar and Mercurian of Capricorn.

I consult now