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Steven R.

Hesitates to pursue his studies in History or Political Science...

Professional Orientation

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    Your Scorpio ascendant gives you great investigative power. There's a fascination with everything hidden, mysterious, occult about you, Steven. Your Scorpio Ascendant is not satisfied with the surface and the appearance of things, it wants to go beyond masks and pretences and he is perfectly equipped for that.

    You have two ascendant rulers. The first one is Pluto, which is in conjunction with the moon in the sign of Sagittarius. He is the seeker of truth. There is a notion of investigation here, that is very much in evidence.

    There is also here a clear link with foreign countries, especially in the form of missions. Indeed, the moon, the home, settles abroad (Sagittarius) to accomplish a mission (Pluto in Sagittarius) a mission of investigation (Pluto Master of Ascendant Scorpio in Sagittarius). You see? So for me this is a researcher's signature. With a large part of it occurring directly on the field.

    Your second Ascendant ruler is Mars. Mars in the sign of Leo in the ninth house. The 9th house traditionally corresponds to the sign of Sagittarius and therefore there is again a link here with the foreign countries . It is clear that your destiny is going to be fulfilled away from your home or your home environment. In fact, you need to be able to "leave" in order to find yourself and realize yourself.

    Mars in Leo also speaks to us about a potential for teaching. The sign of Sagittarius in which Pluto is also found indicates the possibility of becoming a "guide", a teacher, a professor in your professional life. In the same way, if the 9th house speaks to us of what is beyond boundaries, it also speaks to us of high studies, of higher studies... This is therefore an additional clue for long academic studies.

    Your potential directs me to a discipline related to ancient, forgotten or somewhat mysterious civilizations. Archaeology, Egyptology for example are fields that come to mind, but I don't want to lock you into anything, I just want you to consider these as food for thought. You could, for example, become a specialist of an ancient civilization, and in particular the relationship between that civilization and spirituality: funeral rites, their beliefs, their pantheon.

    So, yes, I do find with Mars in Leo a political aspect in your star chart, but I still find it secondary to the research aspect and the academic aspect. So you can have political commitments but I think that it will still remain on the fringe of your professional life.


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