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Short Extract

(Total length +-2 word pages)

Marie G.

Seeks to better understand her life trajectory 

and to find her privileged ways of development.

Thème Astral & Evolution

  • .../...

    The dialogue between Mercury, conjunct to your Sun, and Neptune in trine in Sagittarius, tells us that you have predispositions to express yourself through writing as well as through graphic arts.

    Your Scorpio ascendant speaks to us of a much more secret, even tormented part of your personality.

    Mars, your Ascendant's ruler is joint with the planet Venus. It is a rather rare configuration that, coupled with your Scorpio Ascendant, gives you a special magnetism and charm. This special vibration of your personality is difficult to control as it is very instinctive. You can thus unleash without even wanting to (or being aware of it) a power of seduction that fascinates, sometimes worries and attracts certain people to you. 

    Your moon in Capricorn evokes a certain inner solitude. The moon in Capricorn, indicates that you feel a lack within you, and that this lack (of love, protection, affection, recognition ...) comes from quite far away ... probably from childhood. 


  • Thus, by compensation, your Sun in Leo is looking for warmth, love, recognition in this adult life. If you create today, it is above all in order to be recognized and therefore also and especially to be loved, to fill this lack. The values of justice and the ideal of equity that I was previously talking about with your Sagittarius current, then become even more eloquent: It is in fact about creating a world of happy children. Isn't it? There would be so much to say...

  • Your Venus Mars conjunction is itself conjoined with Pluto, which indicates sentimental relationships that are often very intense and passionate but also very complicated and sometimes quite "impossible". Tests are therefore indicated on this side (psychological struggles, influences, secrecy...), but these tests are ultimately beneficial sources of questioning (Pluto) and they act as catalysts of your successive rebirths (Asc Scorpio) and therefore of your personal evolution.

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