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19 years of experience

François Barthomeuf

Consulting Astrologer

Written Expert Consultations 

For individuals & companies

Deep in psychology, accurate in forecasting

"I personally write down each of my consultations.

My commitment is always 110%."

Consult wherever you are. My clientele is international from Paris to Dublin, from Geneva to Quebec.

" I've got answers for you, 

all I need are your questions. "

"I'll send your consultation directly

 to your email address."

My consultation's price is : 130 €

147 US$ (07/2020)

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My Birth Chart

My Life Situation 

My Year ahead

My Orientation

My child's chart

Answer a question

Sorry, I do not propose :
  • Health centered consultation
  • Consultation for a third party (exeption for your minor child)

Choose your consultation...

My Birth Chart : non forecasting

If you don't know where to start, I advise you to choose this Astrological Consultation first. We will discuss the key points of your birth chart. You will discover unsuspected and useful things about yourself, such as your Astrological Sign, your Ascendant Sign, your Lunar Sign but also your true potential, your life path, your relationships, your privileged paths of evolution. The interpretation of the birth chart offers a true return on yourself, which will not fail to surprise you and which can, if you wish, be deepened afterwards.

I consult

Where am I today in my life ? semi-forecasting

Here is a consultation which, logically, follows the study of your Astral Theme (nothing mandatory). We will study the great planetary cycles that punctuate your life. This will allow you not only to better position yourself at the scale of your life but also to better understand the meaning, duration and issues of your current situation.

I consult

My Year Ahead : Forecasting

For maximum effectiveness, this consultation should be done following the study of your Astral Theme and the study "Where am I today in my life", but again, there is nothing mandatory. In this study we will see what are the rhythms and issues of your coming year. It will allow you to make the right decisions at the right time.

Rm: For this consultation in particular, I like to have the context of what you are experiencing as well as your expectations, so don't hesitate to write a few descriptive lines in the form.

I consult

My School or Professional Orientation : non forecasting

Choosing one's path or planning one's conversion is essential for self-realization and fulfillment in life. Here is a consultation that is particularly close to my heart and that has become my specialty over time. We will explore your potential in depth so that you can be guided towards what best suits you.

I consult

My Child's birth chart : non forecasting

You thought you knew him or her by heart? You'll be surprised! This consultation will allow you to better understand who your child really is: his Solar Sign in detail, his Planetary Dominants, his Lunar Sign....  We will see what are his natural rhythms, his personality, his potentialities and also, how you can help him to develop and blossom in life. An essential consultation for all parents!

I consult

Answer to a question : forecasting or not depending of  the question

Is there a particular question you're curious about? Do you need an outside opinion to help you see your situation more clearly and make the right decisions? This consultation is for you. The Astrology I practice will give you clear, precise and dated answers, while scrupulously respecting your free will.

I consult

Find out why they consult me regularly...

Steven R.

Bachelor History/Politics

Newcastle, England

Professional Orientation

I didn't really believe in Astrology or at least didn't often see the connection with reality, here you are not only very clear for neophytes like me but above all you give me the tracks I was waiting for to orient my career.

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Marie G.


Nantes, France

Birth Chart and Evolutionary Astrology

"I'm simply bluffed to see how much your analysis talks about me! The way you link the reading of my star chart with the elements of my life is just impressive. It makes me want to learn about astrology!"

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Arian B.


Stuttgart, Germany

Situation & Forcasting Year ahead

"The dates you gave me proved to be perfectly accurate. I was able to avoid the pitfalls by adapting my decisions as you advised me to do. Thank you for a remarkable job done with passion and structure."

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Explore my youtube channel : AstroScience

Ancient knowledge & innovating technics

 in Astrology

(French speaking, use subtitles)

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