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Short Extract

(Total length +-2 word pages)

Arian B.

Arian is an entrepreneur who asked for an insight 

in order to take decisions in his professional field.

Year ahead & Professional Advice

  • The transit of Uranus conjoint Sun which started in June last year, has just ended in February. It is this transit, particularly creative and inventive, that allowed you to think about this new concept and to elaborate your project.

    The transit of Uranus has been accompanied during the last few months by a move toward independence from your first company, which is also a classic marker of this transit.

    You are now ready to expose your ideas to your co-workers, but Saturn square Mercury, shows oppositions, between now and the end of May. You should therefore expect a lukewarm reception of your new ideas, and you will most likely find certain forces of inertia in front of you. A senior collaborator, in particular, who could be head of department (Saturn house 6) will oppose you with arguments of "non feasibility".

    You won't be able to completely prevent these oppositions, but my advice here is to anticipate them, especially during this month of April, by putting this collaborator in the decision-making loop, and this, before officially exposing your ideas to the rest of the group.

    The second part of April, especially around the 20th, when March will come trine to Venus and Mercury, will seem to be the best time to establish dialogue.

    From the end of May, and then until November, the passage of Jupiter on your natal Mars, which will join Pluto, will give you all the energy and affirmation you need to set up and make concrete progress with your project. You will be driven by an inner strength and determination that will be beyond all doubt.

    Be careful, however, because the September re-entry will be marked by Jupiterian dissonances, notably Jupiter square midheaven (MC) and Jupiter square Mercury, ruler of house 7. You will have to watch yourself so as not to go too fast, as you might skip steps and underestimate certain details. A specific legal delay (Saturn square Mercury, beginning of October) could be imposed on you during this period, for obtaining patents and authorisations (Jupiter: the law). You will have to be patient, and probably accept to review at this time, the definition of the product as well as the elements of regulation you told me about.

    The situation should unblock quite quickly afterwards and I find the opportunity to conclude a first contract in December (Jupiter sextile Venus trigon Mercury). The good aspect of Venus 1 to Saturn also shows that it will be a contract that will undoubtedly be long lasting. So it is probably the signature with the group you told me about.


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